Another strange story (you wouldn’t believe how many I have read where people see black things and dark cat shapes – interesting!): “Shortly after I moved into my home, I met my current husband. When he moved in, alot of strangethings began to happen. Several times we were awakened late at night (three a.m.) by loud knocking at our door. When we got up, no one was there. One night we awoke at three a.m. to the sound of footsteps. We both got up, looked all around the house, looked OUTSIDE the house, no one there, yet we could both still hear the footsteps. They stopped after about ten minutes. Later still, one evening, we were discussing these events, when I said something like, “Geez, if only we had some sort of proof of all this weirdness…” and at that moment, a large dark shadow flew out of a mirror we were sitting by, making aloud fluttering noise as it flew through the house and out the front door. My husband looked at me, I looked at him, we were both afraid to speak. “Did you see that?” He said it first. Well, we both saw it. Then, the kids began to see shadow-cats. That is, cats in the house. At that time we had no cat! I asked if there was a spirit in the house one day, and a name popped into my head, but I never pursued that.We began to affectionately address the ghost and treat it like it belonged there, and gradually these strange events stopped.” (from Shadowlands)

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