So, the secret has been revealed to me – the gift John ordered for my birthday finally came in – he got me a Fuji Digital Camera! YAY! So now, not only can I redesign the blog to include at least one image I can update regularly, and not only can I take a zillion photos of cool stuff and upload them easily, and not only can I have a lot of fun with it, but I can also take a lot of photos of subject matter that I can translate into watercolor renderings. There’s some very mundane looking things that once you paint them in watercolor come out like real art – LOL – and I haven’t been able to replace the battery in my SLR yet, and then there’s the whole expense of getting a shot (buying and developing the film) solely for the sake of making a watercolor of it. I can also sneak up on the dogs when they’re laying in the sun or curled up and take disgustingly cute pictures of them looking disgustingly cute. Oh, the humanity! *grin*

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