Here’s a Metaphysical Mad Lib to send you over the edge of confusion, if the Random Surrealism generator didn’t do the job 100%. *grin* “Last time Saturn went retrograde when Planet X was in the House of scooter, my days were just one dictionary after another. This time, however, I was determined to crush my impulses and avoid any NEW dictionary. So… the day seemed to be going squishy until Noon, when, while chewing a/an ribbon, I had the impulse to be painting the ribbon instead! So, trusting my impulses to steer me clear of danger, I took that telephone of faith! I was flat with excitement at the prospect of what was sitting for me. At the time this seemed really pretentious, but little did I know that Planet X was conjunct with my ascending candle. Then, in the middle of painting, my bottle just tumbled!! It just goes to show you that you can’t boogie your own spatula when the Laser is square with your Harmonica.”

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