Today’s story: “In November 89, my father celebrated his 59th birthday. We had a small party for him at home… A bunch of pictures were taken, but for whatever reasons, we forgot to take the roll of film to be developed. That following MArch (now 1990), my father grew very ill. Around the time he was admitted into an NYC hospital, we found the film. Upon having it developed, we found something very disturbing… We had taken a picture of him holding up his birtday cake. In the picture, however, you could see right through him. He was literally transparent. Naturally, I figured it was possible that it was a trick of the camera-that the picture was somehow double exposed. However, I noticed that the cake itself appeared to be solid, while his form was not. I showed only my mom the picture. We said nothing to my Dad. As it turned out, Dad had cancer and died late in October of 1990, just a few weeks shy of his 60th birthday. Strangely enough, the picture disappeared not too long after after. I scoured the house, rummaging through boxes, photo albums and closets. It had simply vanished.” (from Shadowlands)

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