More other life recall – “For as long as Michael Stanton, (not his real name) could remember, he wanted nothing more than to fly. All he ever could think about doing with his life was to be a pilot. Only one small problem.. .. every time he got off the ground, he was overcome by waves of terror and saw images of a terrible fiery crash. Wanting to be with the love of his soul, he had joined the Air Force. But because of his terror he became a desk bound officer in Canberra. He desperately wanted to be up there flying, he knew everything there was about it. So he decided to seek help to figure out why something he desperately wanted struck fear into every fiber of his being. With the help of his doctor, he was able to work through his dreams, and what remembered being a German pilot aboard a Dornier plane that was shot down over England during WWII. By the early 1990’s, he had gained enough control of his fear to fly to England, and check out his own story. He first checked out the location of where he thought the plane had gone down. One downed Dornier. Check. The records backed him up as far as the location, and circumstances. But he also discovered an added bonus. A survivor from that very crash was still alive in Germany. The two men met in Germany, and the survivor let the stranger tell his story. It was a ‘hit.’ He was able to describe exactly what happened and the circumstances that brought them down, along with personal information about the other men in the plane. He described exactly what happened as the plane was crashing. There was no way possible for him to have known the details. He told the only person that really knew the details of that fateful day, and his story was a perfect match. This was a strange reunion, to put it mildly.”

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