It’s spontaneous other life recall day here at Blog Beyond! *grin* Story #1: “Nicola Wheater from Yorkshire threw her parents for a loop when she started calling her new dog “Muff,” stating that was what she called her dog when she was a boy. “When my mummy was Mrs. Benson, she had lived in nearby Haworth with her sisters.” She then went on to give a detailed description of her home and its surroundings. She told them that in that life, she had been killed in a tragic accident. As a small boy, she had wandered onto the railroad tracks near where her (his) father worked, and had been killed by a steam engine. The Wheaters, completely baffled by this story, decided to do some checking. They drove their daughter out to the town of Haworth, a place they had never been. At one point, they got lost, but Nicola was able to direct them right to where she had lived.. ..before. Detailed searches through town and church records revealed some very startling information. They discovered that in 1860 a family by the name of Benson had lived in that house, the father of the three Benson children had been a railway plate-layer, and the only son had been killed as a child, although how has never been ‘officially’ established. But I think we all have an idea.” (from Blue Moon News)

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