Here’s an odd connection… the other night we perceived a column of energy spewing forth in our living room area for a while (I think this stuff happens often – we were just in the mindset to pay attention). That same day, we read about water in the desert of Spain that’s just shooting up from a hole in the ground over 450 feet deep – not a geyser, as the water is cool. And yesterday the bottle of mistic spewed juice drink forth all over the place. Another set – yesterday I remembered a recurring dream about myself in an airport and someone stealing this woman’s baggage, me getting it or some of it back, and then going through the x-ray machine with electronic equipment. Last night we watched the movie “Twelve Monkeys” which features a recurring dream of being in an airport where illegal events are going on. (Didn’t want to “spoil” the movie for anyone – harsh tones, but a great time travel movie.) I feel like we have all of these little pieces but the big puzzle picture is eluding us. For now. Hmmm.

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