A few hours ago, Tom pulled a nice, cold Mistic Zotics Acerola Berry drink from the fridge, walked into the living room where I was sitting at the computer, pulled the plastic seal off and was about to unscrew the cap when all hell broke loose! *grin* The cap flew off, landing about ten feet away, and a tidal wave of fruity goodness drenched an eight foot radius around him. Who knew 1/3 of a bottle of liquid could cover so much surface area? (“Luckily”, it missed all of the electronic equipment, books, videotapes, and upholstered furniture – just had a lot of mopping to do, and Tom had to take a shower.) Our theory is this: the cap wasn’t really screwed on well (we hadn’t checked the safety button (tsk tsk)), and he sloshed it, which caused the liquid to press against the cap, breaking the fragile vacuum seal and the equalization of pressure caused the contents to erupt from the mouth of the bottle. (Pretty good theory, eh? *grin) WHY did we invite this sticky experience into our reality? Because it was funny as hell and humorously shocking, to say the least.

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