Ever been in a cow stampede? *grin* This morning, a pickup truck drove by and through the creekbed and then continued up the road. It would have been a normal occurrance, but it was towing a small trailer that rattled and BANGED like all hell had broken loose. And it scared the neighbor’s entire herd – they were running this way and that, mooing and shrieking and honking, trying to get back to the barn WITHOUT navigating by the fences – Egad! Luckily, they calmed down after a little while. I experienced an irrate cow ONCE – it had gotten on our little stretch of road by jumping a barbed wire fence instead of going back the way it came and then couldn’t get out (this was way before the midnight cow incident I blogged about before – that wasn’t irrate – just confused and a little frustrated.) I said to John, “I think we should open the gate over there and let it out.” Problem was – it was a BIG cow and it was RUNNING around, back and forth, and before we could decide HOW to get the gate open without getting trampled, BAM – she broke right through the boards to the side of the gate. Problem solved. *grin* (When we move to civilization, you guys are going to miss the cow stories – admit it.)

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