For the last few days I’ve been experiencing a LOT of energy coming at me. I didn’t notice it at first, but I did notice that my brain seemed to be running on overdrive and I would wake up at night, sometimes for HOURS, and just lay there, kinda ancy and annoyed – I was fighting the energy because I couldn’t label it as anything I usually felt (when I feel annoyed, I’m usually resisting something coming in). What I finally decided I should do is stop trying to THINK my way through it all, because I really had no matching thoughts for it, and just FEEL the energy – accept it. When I did that, I realized that the energy felt very powerful, and I had to breathe more deeply. And, it occurred to me that I had been shoving this energy away from me, but it had always been a PART of me – I guess that’s what happens when you let go of a ton of limiting beliefs, your power comes back on. LOL. Anyway – it was kinda wild realizing that this “power” WAS me. It reminded me of a Xena episode I caught once where Aries (yes, a god) gave Gabrielle a taste of what it felt like to have godlike powers, and he said, “See – that’s what I feel like ALL THE TIME.” (Oh, no, Kristen’s doing the ‘godlike powers’ thing again – get the spray!) *grin*

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