Been going to a chiropractor to fully heal this pinched nerve and the resulting spinal twistings it caused. Anyway, after every adjustment (just a few light punches to nudge this bone and that bone and you’re done for the day) I experience weird emotions that seem to have nothing to do with NOW, like I’m releasing all this old ‘stuff’ I had crammed into my lower back. Last appt, I felt like crying – today I’ve felt angry all day. I’m just going with it – letting the energy come OUT, and I amuse myself by likening it to the Stonecutter’s Episode of The Simpsons – when they make Homer give back the Sacred Underwear and they toss it in the fire and all of these ghosties rise up and streak away with a scooby-doo-ghost-like cry? That’s what it feels like these emotions are doing. Yes, I am my favorite tv show. *grin*

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