I find it infinitely more fulfilling to interact with people who can accept a differing opinion without taking it as a personal offense or throwing up a wall. I think the problem from people who DO take offense (even if they don’t admit it (even to themselves) – you can still tell if they are doing it) is that they were taught that there was only ONE RIGHT ANSWER – to ANYTHING. That makes them immediately combative or distant and all hope of an interesting interaction are lost. They either walk away or try to press on with reasons WHY they’re right instead of having a real conversation, back and forth, with you. *sigh* And then there’s the people who think everyone around them is just like them, and no matter what you say it goes in one ear and out the other. They seem very happy, but they ALSO feel unreachable. Then there’s the people who you REALLY connect with – the energy is just THERE and it’s a kick! It’s an easy, supportable connection of two individuals expressing who they are – no machinations, defenses, or parrying. What if we all understood we could ALL be “right” and just enjoyed the hell out of each moment?

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