Primordial Suns Series

A number of months ago, I created a mixed media piece I called “Primordial Suns”. When another artist friend of mine saw it she told me I should do a series, so I did! Well, a small series of three, but it’s still a series! They are all abstract watercolor paintings with black ink drawings of suns with wavy rays and spirals and other small details…

Primordial Suns I

Primordial Suns II

Primordial Suns III

Each piece was done on 14″x10″ 140 lb. watercolor paper and was a bit time consuming, especially the inked parts. When I was creating the first work, I had an idea that the abstract background represented the formlessness out of which light might have first sprung, thus the suns. Each one has it’s own distinctive feel despite their similarities, like they were the beginnings three different universes. (Yes, I’m a bit philosophical with these – LOL.)

To see larger versions (or buy prints) just click on any of the images to go to its gallery page at And thanks for looking!

Dawning Colors Acrylic Paintings

Dawning Colors is actually three separate 11″x14″ acrylic paintings, although they are a set, as you can see here:

The funny thing is that I started with the middle one, just playing with gradients. (When a friend came over and he saw the painting on the table in low light, he thought it looked like an interesting slab of smooth wood Рfunny!) But then I started another gradient and it worked so well with the first one, that I kept going until I had the three you see РVoilà!  Dawning Colors!

These three paintings, as shown together in the image above, are available as a vertical triptych print (the originals are hanging on the wall above my nightstand in the bedroom at the moment) by clicking here.

Thanks for looking!

Electric Rain Abstract Watercolor

I really love spring and summer rains! I’d missed them while living in central California, where it didn’t rain at all from April through October or November usually – that is not an exaggeration! Anyway, so this is me celebrating a bit, with a green, blue, and yellow, abstract composition:

Just click the image to see a zoom or for framed/unframed prints. Thanks for looking!

Tulip Trees Watercolor

A number of months ago, John brought home a pot of blooming tulips that were absolutely HUGE. Not just the flowers, but the stems themselves were thick and up to 18″ tall – they almost reminded me of big trees. Which gave me the idea to do a watercolor painting of tulips the scale of trees.

You know, sometimes you just have to use practically all the colors in the rainbow when you’re painting a picture like this. It’s surreal to begin with and then it’s all flowers and spring (and I’m sure there are invisible bunnies happily hopping around too – tra la la), well… yeah… rainbow colors. I guess I just have to face the fact that I’m just not the dark, moody imagery type. (Click the image or click here to get a framed or unframed print of Tulip Trees.)

And, how about a nice set of Tulip Trees greeting cards to send something annoyingly cheerful to cranky friends? Or a colorful journal to write down negative, brooding thoughts? Or a Tulip Tree magnet to further clutter up your refrigerator? *grin* Click any of the images below to see all the available Tulip Trees stuff in my t-shirt shop:

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Tilted Tulip Watercolor Painting

The loose petal that let’s you see inside this tulip looks like a ramp inviting you inside – heh. The original is a watercolor done on 5″x7″ hot press watercolor paper – the reference was a photo I took of live tulips we had in the house about a month ago.

Click the image below to see a larger version or to get a framed or unframed print.

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Red-Orange Rose Watercolor Painting

I painted this stylized, close-up rose image in watercolor on 10″x14″ 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper with different hues of red and orange watercolor paint. What, that’s obvious? LOL.

After I was finished I could only see the rose after I stepped waaay back from my close work on it – had to stop thinking of the parts and the process and see what the end product was.

To see a zoom image or to get framed or unframed prints for your wall, just click the above image or click here.

This design also took well to things like greeting cards, tote bags – just click any of the images below to see all of the red-orange rose products in my shop.

As always, comments are welcome, and thanks for looking!