Tire Wire

Aaaaaaaaaand this is the wire that popped my car tire yesterday just a few hundred feet from our driveway…

Tire-Popping Wire

We were, ironically perhaps, going to pick up John’s car at the mechanics. At the same time as I pressed the ‘air recirculate’ button on the dashboard there was this awful sound – so for a second I thought something had gotten stuck in the vent fan.  But, nope, wasn’t that.

After I drove slowly back to our driveway and really looked at the tire, I was going to cut it off as close to the tread as possible, using tin snips, but could tell it would still leak like crazy and that I shouldn’t drive on it.  Instead, I used the tin snips to pull it out like tweezers on a splinter. The tire was flat in less than a minute.

So I have a lovely donut (no sprinkles) on the car right now and get to buy two new tires tomorrow.  I’ve decided that I needed two new ones on the front anyway – makes me feel better. 🙂

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