Celtic Triskele As Purple Tattoo

Sometimes people will contact me wanting to license one of my designs (or a part of them) for a tattoo, which is pretty cool. And it’s even cooler when they send me a photo of the finished ink! Here you can see my original green design on the left, and the adaptation that Charity had tattooed, in purple. (Image posted with permission.)  Looks awesome, Charity!!

Celtic Coin Series – Celtic “Eye” Design

Abstract Celtic Eye Coin Design Light Blue T-shirtThe second design from the Art of FoxVox Celtic Coin Series is an interestingly abstract design that really caught my eye – the Celtic Eye Coin.  (Too early for eye jokes?)

At least that’s really what it looks like to me, an eye. With a wheel ‘pupil’ and different patterns and shapes for eyelids, eyebrows, etc. Since it was created over two thousand years ago, it could also be expressing some kind of a tribal building and agricultural field layout, or even a sort of crop circle. Or spiral landing spots for interdimensional space craft.  Or not. 😉

In any case, this design is from the Gaulic Treviri tribe who lived in SE Belgium in the 2nd or 1st Century BC.

This lucky Celtic Eye is available on all kinds of products, as in the below sample. Click here or any of these products to browse the entire line…


Celtic Coin Series - Celtic Eye Coin - Fine Art PrintFine Art Prints of the Celtic Eye design are also available via our gallery at Imagekind, as well as the entire series. Click here to see the coin options like canvas prints, framed and matted, and more!

New Celtic Coin Series – Celtic Horse Coin

Ancient Celtic Horse Coin White HoodieI’ve got a new series of Celtic designs to share – my adaptation of ancient, two thousand year old Celtic coins found all over Europe! There are 8 coin designs in the series, and the first one is a very popular theme in Celtic coins – horses. Celts LOVED their horses!

This first design in the series is also the ‘newest’, dated First Century AD (all others are BC), the most realistically portrayed, and is based on a Celtic Horse Coin that was minted in Celtic Britain by the ruler Cunobelin (shortened as ‘CVNO’ on the coin – you can see details better in the fine art print image at the bottom of this post), which means Hound of Belinus, the Celtic Sun God.

This design is available on all kinds of t-shirts, sweatshirts (as above) and lots of other cool products as well, sampled below. Click here or any of the designs below to see the entire Ancient Celtic Horse Coin line…


Fine Art Prints of the Celtic Horse Coin are also available through the gallery at Imagekind! Click here for unframed prints, as well as prints with your choice of frames and mats! (All eight coins are available as coordinating prints, and would make a great series on a large wall, up a staircase, or down a hallway.)

Stay tuned for the next coin post!

Celtic Reindeer Knots Ornament, T-shirts & More

A new holiday design – Celtic Reindeer Knots – for the holidays! Just a single reindeer (no red-nose – sorry – LOL) leaping through Celtic knotwork, ribbons, and garland.

I’m featuring the porcelain ornament above because it shows off the detail of the design best, but it’s also available on t-shirts, cards, and a whole lot of other things, like:

Just click on any of the above samples to see all of the available products.

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Four New Calendars – Celtic, Art, & Photography

In addition to our other calendar offerings from previous years (updated to 2012 of course), I have created four NEW calendars for 2012. A new Celtic Designs calendar, an Abstract Watercolor calendar, an Abstract and Macro Photography Calendar, and a calendar of seasonal photos from the Hudson Valley area of NY where I live.

(And, until Dec 10, if you buy 3 calendars (or any purchase over $50), you can get $15 off – use coupon code ANN1126 at checkout!)

Ten unique wall calendars from Art of FoxVox - Celtic Art, Watercolors, Photography
Celtic Designs #4 Wall CalendarNEW!
Hudson Valley Photos Wall CalendarNEW!
Abstract/Macro Photos Wall CalendarNEW!
Abstract Watercolors Wall CalendarNEW!
Celtic Designs #3 Wall Calendar
Celtic Designs #2 Wall Calendar
Celtic Designs #1 Wall Calendar
Watercolor Paintings Wall Calendars
California Wildflower Wall Calendars
Pacific Ocean Views Wall Calendar
Click here to browse all of our 12-month wall calendars!

Celtic Dawn

Celtic Dawn

A dawning of a new Celtic day! This original Art of FoxVox creation features symbolism of a sunrise made from yellow-golden-red hues of Celtic knotwork (including pictish patterns) and spirals eminating from the center, where a Phoenix/Firebird has arisen from its ashes. Click here or on any Celtic Dawn product below to browse all products with this design.

Fine Art Prints of Celtic Dawn are also available and have a dark red background with a hint of Damask patterning and a reflected image on the bottom half – check it out: Click here for print and zoom image of design. And thanks for looking!

New Canvas Bags at Art of FoxVox!

Canvas Field Bags, Sack Packs, and Messenger BagsI’ve just recently added three new kinds of canvas bags to my Art of FoxVox Shop! The three styles are Sack Packs, Field Bags, Messenger Bags, and they come in natural khaki (shown in the picture) as well as a cheerful yellow, have antique brass hardware, and are enzyme-washed for a vintage look.

You can find them on just about any design in my shop: Celtic, Fine Art, Humorous, Zodiac, Runes, etc. etc. Just click here to browse for the designs you like in the shop, and then choose the bag you like best from among the related products. The bag dimensions are listed on their product pages so you’ll know what can fit in it, like laptops and stuff.  Thanks for looking!