Celtic Wood Burned Frame

Finally took a photo of the wooden frame I crafted all up. *grin* Drew the Celtic knotwork, and burned in the outline. Then I added textural details just like I did in my ink illustrations – stippling with a woodburner is pretty much like stippling with a pen, just a bit stinkier – LOL. Then I stained the design background by brushing on some concentrated tea (for more contrast to the knotwork), and finally finished it with three coats of acrylic-based varnish, sanding in-between. It’s my first Celtic ‘crafty’ type project and my first time doing woodburning – bought the blank frame and the woodburner during the same trip – I’m pretty happy with the result. Click on the image to see a bigger version of the image. Also, if you’re interested in actually BUYING it, this is my first, and so far only, addition to my page over at etsy.com, so click here for pricing and shipping, and more detailed info too! 🙂

Nordic Runes

I said I was done with alphabets for a while, didn’t I? Apparently, my brain wasn’t listening. The other day I woke up and thought, Runes! I should do a set of designs with the Viking/Norse Runes on them! Unfortunately, it was a good idea, so that’s what I’m working on now. Luckily, the runes are a LOT easier/simpler/faster to create than the Celtic Letters were, but there are still 25 of them, and a ton of products to apply them to, and brief interpretations to write up. But it’s also been kind of fun, since I haven’t thrown runes for a while and had sort of forgotten most of their meanings, which I used to have down pat. So… er… see you when I come up for air again – LOL!

My Original Celtic Alphabet

Celtic Letters-Monograms-InitialsLots of squares of illustration board, a few .005mm micron pens, lots of squinting, and two months later, I finally completed the Celtic alphabet I was working on – woo hoo! T-shirts (even white on black t-shirts now – looks rather cool!), sweatshirts, journals, greeting cards, tote bags, kid’s apparel, and even decorative tiles and tile keepsake boxes. At the moment, the best way to see all the letters is to go to my shop, since I’m pretty sure I won’t have them time to put them in my gallery anytime soon, so click here or click on the ‘A’. Whew!

Square Celtic Watercolor Pattern

In my incalculable cleverness, I have dubbed this painting “Celtic Watercolor Square”! Let all bow down before my brilliance in literal nomenclature!! *grin* Actually, this is a watercolor I did at least a year ago and had stuck in a book to help flatten it a bit more and pretty much forgot about it! It actually came out rather more 3D than expected, which I like, and looks especially neat on the tile box, I think – click here to see all available products.