Green Future

I happened to acquire a number of 16×20 canvases on sale the other day. They were just sitting there by my art table for a while until I had this strong urge to paint something GREEN. We don’t have much that’s green around here at the moment – the hills are all brown and beige, the live oak trees are all a DARK green, but not a LUSH green, and the leaves now falling off the black walnut tree out front are all yellow. So, I couldn’t wait for the rainy season to start and bring everything back to life – I needed green NOW – heh.

Green Future Acrylic Painting - Prints Available

The title seemed to be Green Future – in the optimistic ecological sense, but also in the immediate “the rainy season is coming” way. I like how the abstract style can really highlight color schemes and not distract with left-brain-recognizable objects.

Oh, and click on the image to buy framed or unframed prints from my gallery at Imagekind!

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