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A Hurricane Sandy Report from Upstate New York

Hurricane Sandy came through Monday here in the Mid-Hudson Valley of Upstate NY. I know we got off so very easy compared to some of our friends that we know down in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, people who … Continue reading

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Yellow Tiger Lily Photographs

Tiger lilies pop up everywhere here in the spring and early summer. 75% of them are bright orange (did you know that 90% of all statistics are made up?), but there are lovely yellow tiger lilies too! Here are a … Continue reading

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Happy Daffodil Day!

Hope everyone has a bright yellow daffodil kind of day today. (If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I hope you have the daffodils of the honking variety.) *grin*

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Learning Lightroom, Orange Daisy, Watermarks

I recently acquired a copy of Adobe Lightroom 3 at a really great price, and am just now starting to learn how to use it. Cropping, color adjustments, effects, even where some of the functions are in the program itself, … Continue reading

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Red Squirrel at Snack Time

Finally the little critter settled down enough with some seed so I could take a non-blurry photo! I just love how fuzzy its little ears are – LOL. [Tags: photo, squirrel, red squirrel, food, foxvox]

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