Autumn Trees Gone Swirly

I’ve been working with a newer version of my old graphics program, getting used to how they’ve changed some of the old functions and playing with the new ones. I had a nice photo of autumn trees as the sample I was playing with, and when I played with the ‘oil painting’ function, I really liked how it looked! I won’t be using this filter on everything, but the result here was colorful and swirly, and you can’t say no to that.

Click the image to see the larger zoom image (can see a lot more swirly details) at my gallery at Imagekind – prints are available framed, unframed, and on canvas, if you’re looking for a little unusual rainbow nature color for your wall. *grin*

Interesting tidbit – some of these trees aren’t there anymore. A few got broken in half and blown over by the winds of Hurricane Sandy.

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