Adopted a Puppy!

It was finally time to get a dog again, and through a friend we discovered a family who dog had puppies and they were adopting out! So, say hello to Gromit! She’s named after the dog in the British claymation show “Wallace and Gromit” – we decided on the name when she was still too small to know if she was a boy or girl, but we figured it worked either way. 🙂 She’s a mostly lab pup, with a tad bit of aussie shepherd in her, though she looks mostly yellow lab at this point, and a little over 6 weeks old – awwww!

Gromit with her monkey

Gromit with her monkey


Gromit shaking her ears


Gromit telling John that her feet are cold


Gromit sleeping on the rug, tired from playing


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