Stylish Caterpillar

I caught this fuzzy little caterpillar cater-pillaring along our front deck this morning. Have never seen a caterpillar quite like it, with the white (might be tinted a VERY pale greenish – hard to tell) spiky fur and the black… antennae? Pokey things? Whatever they are, two bunches on each end. So very stylish! Must get great radio reception!

And google images comes through again – apparently this is the caterpillar of the Hickory Tussock Moth and should NOT be touched or can shoot its poisonous hairs at you and cause rashes and painful welts – yeesh. “The More You Know…..” Very glad I had no urge to pet it! (Update – a friend tells me it’s not a poisonous thing but rather an allergic reaction thing – also good to know! Thanks!)

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