New Knotwork – Work In Progress

It can be lonely when you’re up to your ears in knotwork – measuring, making grids, breaking grids, sketching in the rough outline of the knots, making sure the over-under patterning is consistent, the erasing, making sure the eraser shrapnel doesn’t accumulate so much that you can’t find your pencil, etc. So I thought I’d share a quick macro shot of the latest work in progress (while at the same time not really revealing anything – hah!)

This is one of the larger overall pieces I’ve worked on. The dimensions of the piece of illustration board are 16″x20″ (cut from a larger sheet) and mostly what you see is the border knotwork for the main image. Or a corner of the border work.

I don’t know how long it will take to finish the sketching, but after that I have to ink all of the outlines, then erase all of the pencil underneath, then scan it into the computer, then….. yeah. That. So that’s my day’s snapshot – have a good weekend everyone!

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