Leftover Winter & Leftover Winter Photos

Since it’s chilly and hailing out right now instead of warm and sunny, I thought I could get away with posting a couple more wintery photos that I hadn’t shared yet.

The first one is self explanatory – a nice, clean photo of three icicles hanging off our roof. I love how the middle one especially has a lot of irregularities and isn’t just carrot shaped:

The second one I called ‘Winter Sunrise Surprise’ because it was an amazing scene I woke up to that morning. If you look closely (click the image to go to imagekind.com and see the larger zoom!) you’ll see there’s a big coating of ice on the branches and hoards of tiny little icicles hanging down from each branch. The pink sky adds a unique touch to this shot too, in my opinion.

Hopefully from this point on the photos will be more in ‘spring’ mode, and so will the weather! 🙂

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