Celtic Crescents Rainbow

Way back in August, I posted my Celtic Crescents design, which I drew by hand but then finished the color and textures up on the computer. Recently, I took the original hand-drawn outline and attacked it with my Prismacolor Colored Pencils, and what came out was a rainbow, psychedelic, hippie-loving, prism-imitating blast of color – LOL – Celtic Crescents Rainbow! (And not only that it was really fun to do – picture me sitting there at my art table, colored pencil in hand, tongue sticking out of my mouth in concentration… heh.)

I have both framed and unframed prints available (also click here for a zoom where you can see more details) – obviously this would brighten ANY room, but might work particularly well in a child’s bedroom. And I also have plenty of Celtic Crescent Rainbow gear available in my shop as well, such as:

As always, thanks for checking out my art creations here!

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