Celtic Crescents Design and Special Coupons

I just created and sent out a new Art of FoxVox Shop Newsletter, and thought I’d post the highlights here as well.

First, I have a new Celtic design called “Celtic Crescents”! Celtic Crescents is a stylized design with off-center moon-shapes imbedded inside each other, detailed with metallic-look gold, copper orange, and silver grey spirals and Celtic knotwork, each crescent held attached with screws. Each crescent represents a design of an ancient Celtic torc or metal necklace.  So there are ancient elements with a bit of contemporary flair and just a bare hint of steampunk style! (That would be the screws – heh.)  Click here or on one of the sample tees or gifts below to see all Celtic Crescent t-shirts, SIGG bottles, ornaments, tile boxes, greeting cards, and more!

You can decorate your wall with a fine art print, either framed or unframed, of ‘Celtic Crescents’, to add a little Celtic flair and color to any room. Prints come in sizes from 8″x8″ up to 36″x36″, and are available on many different kinds of papers, and canvas as well! Click here or on the framed image below to see a more detailed image and also to order your print via Imagekind.com.

I also have a number of great coupons you can use when buying t-shirt and gift items in my shop – check out the schedule of savings:

Now through August 21: Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more! Use coupon code SHIP4LABR at checkout.

August 23 – 26: Save 20% on all tees! Use coupon code STYLINB2S at checkout.

September 1 – 3: Save 20% on orders of $50 or more. Use coupon code SITGUESS at checkout.

(Note: these coupons apply to t-shirt and gift items that go through the cafepress.com checkout. They do not apply to fine art prints purchases made through my gallery at Imagekind.)

So that pretty much covers the basics from the newsletter! If you’d like to see the actual newsletter, just click here and if you’re ready to go shopping, click here!

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