Celtic Triple Spiral Design

celtic triple spiral designI’ve got a new Celtic design to share! The Celtic Triple Spiral design is an ancient pagan symbol for the triple goddess and unity of the self, as well as a modern reflection of the Christian trinity. It’s also known to represent the three stages of life as ‘mother, maiden, crone’ and versions of it appear in the Book of Kells and the shape is carved into the stone at Newgrange in Ireland.

My ‘Art of FoxVox’ Celtic triple spiral design, with it’s center triangle and roughish edging, is now available in my online shop on t-shirts and sweatshirts, and, in subtle hues of grey and design layering, on greeting cards, tile keepsake boxes, ornaments, SIGG water bottles, mugs, the works!

Click here, or any of the selected product images below to browse the entire selection of Celtic Triple Spiral products in my shop…

I also have a fine art print available in my gallery. The triple spiral has many layers which gives the print depth while retaining the simplicity of design of the original symbol. Click on the framed print example below to buy framed OR unframed prints:

As always, thanks for looking! 🙂

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