Tulip Trees Watercolor

A number of months ago, John brought home a pot of blooming tulips that were absolutely HUGE. Not just the flowers, but the stems themselves were thick and up to 18″ tall – they almost reminded me of big trees. Which gave me the idea to do a watercolor painting of tulips the scale of trees.

You know, sometimes you just have to use practically all the colors in the rainbow when you’re painting a picture like this. It’s surreal to begin with and then it’s all flowers and spring (and I’m sure there are invisible bunnies happily hopping around too – tra la la), well… yeah… rainbow colors. I guess I just have to face the fact that I’m just not the dark, moody imagery type. (Click the image or click here to get a framed or unframed print of Tulip Trees.)

And, how about a nice set of Tulip Trees greeting cards to send something annoyingly cheerful to cranky friends? Or a colorful journal to write down negative, brooding thoughts? Or a Tulip Tree magnet to further clutter up your refrigerator? *grin* Click any of the images below to see all the available Tulip Trees stuff in my t-shirt shop:

And thanks for looking!

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