Converting to WordPress

Previously: There’s going to be a little construction dust here as I convert all ten years of this weblog from Blogger to WordPress, so sorry about that. It shouldn’t take more than a day, and then, hopefully all the OLD links/pages will still be working as well as the new ones, although the template will be similar but not exactly as it was too. I’m also planning on categorizing all the old posts, but that might take some time since I have to go through them all individually.

The only major thing that will be different is the link for the RSS feed, so if you read this blog via RSS, come get the new link in a few days!

Anyway – here goes – wish me luck!

Addendum: Okay – the conversion went smoothly, and now the tweaking process has begun!  I’m also going to create a new graphic for the top of the blog, but that may not be up until tomorrow.  If you see any obvious problems here, please leave a comment!  Thanks!

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