Autumn Fire Acrylic Painting

I had found a blank canvas among my art supplies and decided to try my hand at capturing Autumn around here in acrylics instead of my more usual watercolors. I don’t usually do much traditional ‘realism’ in my art, but it’s good to try new things.

I made myself use a larger brush than I would have normally too, to prevent me from getting too caught up in details, which is easy to do with acrylics because you can just keep painting forver (dries so quickly – easy to layer.) And the actual painting is a little more vibrant than this digital version, I think.

Also, the scene isn’t painted from any one specific photograph, but is mostly based on the view I had out the window of the tall trees and the stone wall running around the land across the street from us.

Thanks for looking! (Click on the image to see a zoom and to buy prints.)

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