New Web Design For My Shop

I had the urge the other day to redesign the template for my Art of FoxVox Shop, which hadn’t had a face lift for a number of years and was starting to look old and patched together. As I was creating the new template, I had been planning on installing it in January, fresh for the new year, but after I got it done I decided it needed to go live now – no waiting – true story! LOL.

Here’s a screen grab of the shop with the old template (with the snowflake background for the holidays):

And here’s a screen grab of how it looks with the new design (done in jewel tones, with real jewels – hah! And more knotwork per square inch – LOL):

Click on either of the images to go to the actual shop if you want to see the real thing. I kept very close to my old logo (only a few tweaks), and I know it’s not a very modern, ‘web2.0’ kind of look, but it feels very ‘me’ right now, which I suppose is the whole point, being a shop full of my art and all that. And now the code is much cleaner too, which makes my geek self very happy.

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