Sunrise Stop Motion Video

I got a tad artsy with my video recorder – set it up on a tripod in early morning, pointed at the nearby sage-covered hill. Then, every few minutes I took a short recording of the sun’s progress on the hill as it rose in the sky. Finally, I pulled three seconds out of each video, as if they were still pictures, and put them in sequence, with a little music. It’s not very exciting, but I think it’s neat anyway, despite the lack of adorable puppies & kittens, or people tripping – heh. (You can see the point at which the sun was shining enough to shift the light of the recording to a brighter, more golden hue, from the blended gray shades of pre-dawn.)

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3 Responses to Sunrise Stop Motion Video

  1. Fricka says:

    Nice! I love the Variation on a Shaker Melody tune too.

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for commenting! 😉 The audio is a Celtic tune from the Lord of the Dance (Irish Dancing) soundtrack – do you mean Shaker in terms of ‘Shakers’/religion? Interesting!

  3. Jake says:

    Awesome video. I wonder how it would look with some tripping people? XP

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