Happy Halloween!

I didn’t dress up today (since I work at home) but John did, quite spectacularly, I might add! He’s the Dread Pirate Roberts (from the Princess Bride movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not sure I can talk to you anymore – LOL.) He already had a genuine pirate shirt (made from genuine pirates) and I made the mask:

When people ask him who he is today he’s planning on replying with “no one of consequence” – LOL. And he’s decided masks really ARE quite comfortable! 🙂

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3 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Kitty Crossbones says:

    It’s a puffy shirt!

  2. Kristen says:

    LOL. We discussed that, and decided it was NOT a puffy shirt, but was a billowy shirt at best. Because, unlike Jerry, John DID want to be a pirate! 😀

  3. Jessie V says:

    LOVE IT!!

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