Checkerboard Watercolor

I guess you’d call this abstract, or maybe a geometrical abstract, or perhaps just art squared? In any case, when I create a watercolor with simple lines like this, it’s even easier to get into the creative flow – it’s just you and the brush, paints, and paper, with no difficult left-brained type decisions to make in the middle of it all. *grin*

Both framed (I used an example frame above to highlight the work) and unframed prints are available – click here for more information. The original is 10″x10″ on Aquarelle Arches hot press 140 lb. watercolor block paper.

Likewise, this painting looks really cool on a framed tile (more sturdy and less expensive than a framed print), or even a mini button – for the entire selection of neat products with this checkerboard, click here.

Thanks for looking!

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