Dragon Tattoo!

I’m not really a tattoo artist, but I have designed a few tattoos by special request. Semi-recently I had a request from someone to use one of my existing designs as a tattoo – my Celtic Knotwork Dragons piece. At first I thought they just wanted to use part of it since I figured that was WAY too big for a tattoo if you wanted to keep the detail, but they said they wanted to do the complete tattoo! And luckily he sent me a photo of the finished work! The original is up at the right there, and here’s the photo of the tattoo:

WOWEE!!! It sort of blows my mind that someone liked my art (not even personalized!) enough to wear it forever – hope it ends up being a good luck charm for him. (Sorry about the copyright notice on the image – I didn’t want this guy’s photo to be hijacked into a tattoo gallery!)

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2 Responses to Dragon Tattoo!

  1. jgoode says:

    oh my goodness, that is so incredibly cool!!!I definitely couldn’t sit through a design that big and detailed, he must have absolutely loved it beyond just the art.. the process. amazing!

  2. Barbara Burns says:

    Oh My Stars! Lovely gorgeous design [all your artwork is amazing Kristen!] and the tattoo artist did a great job … it had to take a VERY long time with all those beautiful details.

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