New Photographs in Gallery

I have a few new photos up in my gallery, all pulled from local scenery. VERY local. Our backyard local – LOL.

The first one is “Lunar Hilltop” – I loved the way the moon was hanging over what seems like a bald spot on top of the tree-covered hill! I chose to do it in black and white because I thought the golden-orange of the hills here at sunset was actually a bit much. I like the way the black and white looks much better!

The second one is a triptych of photos of our bare walnut trees against a cold sky. I altered the blue sky tones for each crop in photoshop, and I liked how the grey frame completed the cold, bare, wintery look.

The third image is just kinda kooky. It’s a picture of some metal letters hammered into one of the telephone poles here. I’m guessing it’s for the phone company, but loved the ‘half’ added here to the numbering system. Plus it looked so rustic in black and white.

Prints are available by clicking on the images if you’re interested, but in any case, thanks for looking, and Happy December!

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