New and Updated Web Sites!

The last few weeks I’ve been really focused on building a couple new websites, one of which required dusting off my old programming skills and learning a bunch of new ones as well.

Wine Taster Tees – This is a collection of wine designs that people offer on t-shirts, sweatshirts, keepsake boxes, ornaments, and other gifty type items. There’s wine humor, wine snob designs, and tees for specific kinds of wines too. So if you’re a wine type or know one, feel free to stop by and browse.

Art Up Your Walls – This site will feature one new art print every day or so, but also has browsable categories of artist, genre, and subject. (I’m particularly and geekily proud of this site since I had to learn how to create a database, import a datafeed into it, and then figure out how to access that information from web pages using php – google was definitely my friend – LOL. I also found a cool script for displaying zoom images of the prints in the category results – swanky!) This site is mostly focused on popular and classical artists, so there’s lot there you might recognize. Also, all the prints are purchased and printed through Imagekind, and they do fantastic quality prints! Anyway – this site is just one of my ways of bringing a little more art into the world.

Winter Holiday Central – This is actually a site I created last year, but updated to include new holiday greeting cards and ornaments (including Yule/Solstice and Hanukkah themes), and new Christmas-y type links as well. (I have my traditional Christmas Cookie recipes there too.)

So, yeah, been a bit busy and very intensely focused the last few weeks. I think I need a break from squinting at the screen for so long!

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