What Have I Been Doing, Anyway!?!

So, since I haven’t been posting too often, I thought I’d at least make a random list of all the things I’ve been doing lately, because I know you’re all dying to know….

  • I made homemade brownies.
  • We purchased, assembled, and am enjoying using an Elliptical Trainer. If you want to find out how compatible you are with your partner, try assembling a large machine with a gazillion parts – LOL.
  • I have been working on ALL of our websites, getting the shops ready for the holidays, cleaning up old/bad code, adding new products, etc. (this is the biggest time user in the list of course)
  • We had a small sendoff for our friend Tom (he’s going to be in Africa again!) that involved Italian food.
  • In moments of insanity, I send John text messages at work (on his cell phone, from my computer), with really stupid comments.
  • I occasionally have sessions with dogs that involve me tossing small dog treats in unexpected directions.
  • I bought three new 16×20 canvases to do some acrylic abstracts – on sale!
  • I finished the final Harry Potter book. Everyone dies. 😉
  • I’ve been trying to get used to a radically (not) different hairstyle (parted on the right instead of the left.)
  • We take our laptops into town some weekends to download cool internet radio shows on free wi-fi (we’re still on SLOW dialup).
  • I’ve been serenading the rabbits, squirrels, and blue jays with my conga drums. So far they haven’t called the cops on me.
  • Working on a couple different book ideas, one fiction, one not, nothing to talk about yet though.

So that should sort of bring you up to date, although in a less than eloquent fashion, but at least there are words!

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