Papaya Henge

My old digital camera stopped working, so that traumatic event became the excuse I eventually used to buy TWO new digital cameras! The first one, which I received yesterday, is another 5MP point and shoot. Very small, great size to slip in my purse, goof off with, take people photos with, etc. To test out the macro function, I created Papaya Henge from a bag of mixed dried fruit that John donated to the cause.

The other digital camera, which should be arriving sometime tomorrow, is bigger, blacker, heavier, more impressive, has one of those large glass lens thingies for wide angle and telephoto shots, and can shoot super-macro shots from ONE centimeter away from the subject. With that camera, you’d be able to see the little papaya druids chanting in their macrolithic Papaya Henge! For now though, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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