Egad and Little Fishes

Sorry it’s been so long between posts around here! I just seem to be doing a lot of busy work lately. No thanks to Cafepress, since they just added a ton of new colored t-shirts to their product line up! Do you know how long it takes to add new shirts to every section in a shop with over 10K products…. on slow dialup? I don’t think even NASA can calculate that number. Not to mention I have THREE shops, not just one. *sigh* On a plus note, John was in town today with his laptop and finally found an open wifi connection he could use – had a 36mbps rate – nice! Might end up hanging out in Foster’s Freeze, ordering milkshakes and fries and adding tshirts over the weekend – sounds like fun, no?

I also have a lot of new designs I’ve been creating lately – they’re just spilling out and bottlenecking behind our narrow bandwidth. Artsy ones and funny ones and yadda yadda. In honor of St. Valentine’s Day today, I’ll jump ahead in classic marketing style and feature my Celtic design for St. Patrick’s Day – ha! Best part is that you can wear a tshirt with this design on it when it’s NOT St. Patrick’s Day too, unlike tees with shamrocks, leprechauns, and green beer. (Never had green beer – had a green bagel once though.) Anyway – click the green circle to get your hip, fashionable in ancient style, St. Patrick’s Day gear – LOL.

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