Happy New Year Etc.

Happy New Year All! November and December were busy this year (in the tradition of dramatic understatement) for various reasons – I see I only posted ONCE in December even! So I either apologize for not posting or apologize for starting once again – heh.

One of the best gifts I received was a new chair for my computer desk! The old one was starting to squeak/shriek and moan when you even looked at it like you wanted to sit down on it – I think it knew that chances were good it could DIE at each subsequent sitting. So now I have a Sealy Posturepedic chair with beige microfiber upholstery (the kind you can ‘draw’ by swishing the nap this way and that with your finger, although they left that out of the manual for some reason) that’s totally comfy!

And thank John I have a comfortable chair because although MOST of my weblogs transfered over from the old blogger to the new blogger (with google account login now), our Out of Context Quotes one did NOT. Also luckily, we published it on our own site instead of blogspot so we had our own archives to rebuild it from. So I’m now about halfway through reinputing 400+ quotes into a new blog format – up to “With a steady supply of the undead you could set up a hot tub with bubble jets.” *grin* Also on the plus side, the XML/RSS feed that was screwy before seems to be fixed as well – good for all of you who have been putting OOCQ on your own website using the scripts on the site.

Speaking of chocolate (weren’t we?), raspberry dark chocolate kisses are very tasty, but you can only eat one per sitting or they are WAY too much. Also, you must keep them isolated from other foil-wrapped chocolates lest their aroma overwhelm and confuse the senses into thinking that ALL are raspberry dark chocolate – very subversive.

I think that’s enough for a new year’s day melange post!

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