Celtic Compass

I was looking through a folder on my computer marked “public domain images” and came across a few old illustrations of really ancient compasses – all marked with lots of strange words, like the greek name for the north wind (which I had to google to figure out, of course), for instance. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got inspired to make a Celtic compass…

Celtic Compass

Here’s the official description blurb I wrote up about it: “An elaborate golden compass made of Celtic knotwork, with silver and copper metallic accents on the face and corners as well. Degrees are marked off from 10-90 in each quadrant. Around the compass, all four cardinal points are labeled in engraved Irish-Gaelic on brass plates, subpoints are labeled in Irish-Gaelic, and twelve elemental points as well: earth, storm, lightning, metal, air, sun, wind, wood, water, fire, spirit, stone. Also, subtle, decorative rune work is engraved on an inner ring.”

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