New Celtic Monogram Designs

After much consideration I decided that the prior designs that I had created for my original Celtic Letters were too black and white, and also too HUGE. So I made each letter smaller and put them on a background like ancient parchment with ripped and burned edges. They look very medieval on shirts, and especially good on all the new dark tees! The black ones naturally, and the cardinal and medium olive green too, but also the nice dark brown women’s long sleeve t-shirt. So click on the “A” or click here, then pick a letter and see all the new designs and products available! Go ahead – click now, I’ll wait.

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  1. Bogomil Kostoff AVRAMOV-HEMY says:

    Dear Unknown Lady,

    As I discovered from Your blog, the Celtic Art is so neaby to the Bulgarian Ortodox Alphabet.
    Thank You very much indeed . . .


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