Where I’ve Been

I haven’t posted in a while because suddenly I had a ton of things scheduled that involved me NOT spending the day at the computer – yes, I was surprised too! *grin* First was a long weekend that involved attending the first ever Cafepress Conference (CPConnect) in San Francisco, which was fantastic. It was SO wonderful to meet all the cool people I’d only known online up until then, and all the neat CP Employees as well, not to mention all the great informational sessions, fantastic food, and lots of laughing. 🙂 I might blog more details about this later after they sink in.

Then my old friend Mitch was in Monterey, CA for business, so as soon as we got back from SF, we drove out to Monterey. And it also happened to be my birthday, so we had a wonderful dinner, and then Mitch pulled some treats out of his suitcase that he’d brought all the way from Upstate New York – coneys, half-moon cookies, and a half-gallon of real apple cider that he’d frozen solid and then stuffed in his suitcase (that’s one way to get around the ‘no liquids’ ban!) He also somehow permanently obtained a decorative wooden fish-shaped napkin ring from the restaurant and got it into my tote bag when I wasn’t looking, so I have a stolen fish napkin ring as a moment. It’s orange with blue spots and keeps staring at me.

Then, we had one day to clean house again and then I went back up to SF to pick up a friend of ours home from her long stay in Ireland, to visit with us! A few days after that, we had to let the neighbors cattle in our dead grass filled side pasture because they were hungry and breaking the boards down anyway (it’s the end of the dry season here and the new grass hasn’t grown much yet so it’s slim pickins at the moment). They pretty much behaved, but we had to keep an eye on them, and then we had to shovel out the yard after they left of course.

And now? Now I have all of these neat ideas for improving my shop(s) from the CafePress Conference, and a ton of other things on the plate, and the holiday season is rapidly approaching, and I want to learn how to program things to interact with the CafePress API (I’m pretty much starting from zero there) and, and…. *deep breath*

So, anyway, that’s my Executive Summary. Thanks for checking in!

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