Hummingbird Shower

I was filling the bunny/squirrel bowls with water from the hose this morning when I heard the tell-tale buzzing of a hummingbird. Having learned from a recent experience that hummingbirds aren’t always good at staying away from the heavier part of the spray, I quickly turned down the hose to a very VERY light shower and waited, as still as possible. Sure enough a ruby throated hummingbird with green irridescent wings buzzed down and directly into the light shower. (I KNOW they’re tiny, but it always amazes me newly each time I see one up close!) It buzzed back and forth, making sure it was wet on all sides and under all the feathers, then buzzed away to a nearby branch and groomed itself for a bit. Then it came back again! This happened four or five times until I guess it was squeaky clean and then it flew away. I suppose in a climate that actually GETS rain during the summer, this wouldn’t be such a common occurrance – I’m sure the hummingbird was QUITE happy to have found such a treasure near the latter part of the dry season. And so was I! (Someday I’ll get a photo of a hummingbird, but for now I’ll content myself with helping them shower – LOL.)

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