Thunderstorms and Such

Earlier today I was playing with the weather in my mind – trying to shift us out of some of this ungodly heat (at least 110). Well, we just had the most WONDERFUL thunderstorm ever! Keep in mind that we don’t usually get thunderstorms here in Central California (away from the coast) – last one was about four or five years ago, I think. And this is the DRY season too – last rain we had was months and months ago. There were crashes of lightning and thunder that was so loud we found our Labrador Retriever trying to hide in the bathtub – LOL! And rain – wonderfully huge drops of rain! We watched as the outside thermometer dropped from 110ish down to about 85 within a half-hour. We also opened all the windows and stood with the two aligned doors open, washing out all the old hot air with the amazing wind gusts. Both John and I got rather wet, but that was part of the fun, of course. And after a little while, we saw a CDF (California Dept. of Fire) plane overhead in a search pattern, making sure none of the lightning strikes started fires, but the rain surely helped keep things safe too. And now? Now it’s much cooler – only about 85-90 degrees (cooler than it ever got in the house last night – ugh!), and still somewhat cloudy, but much less humid – a big relief all around. Happy!!!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Hi Alex – nice to see you here! 😀 There’s nothing like a Thunderstorm to break the tension, is there? 31 degrees doesn’t sound TOO bad now – I’d been hearing reports from your neck of the woods about some roadways melting – eeeek! Now THAT’S HOT! 😀

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