Tomorrow is Do Something Silly Day!

John and I would like to introduce a new site/meme… the 15th of every month (that would be tomorrow) is officially Do Something Silly Day! Why the 15th? In honor of U.S. tax day – a day that needs all the light heartedness and chuckling you can give it – heh. Stop by, read the silly suggestions and stories, and we’d be tickled if you’d submit a few of your own as well, and even use one of our banners to link back to us if the spirit moves you. (And if you’re already a cafepress affiliate, you can just add your PID to the banner’s link and earn cash off sales of DSS gear at the same time. If you’re not yet a cafepress affiliate, there are instructions on the site.)

Do Something Silly is a great way to break out of your usual routine, and to laugh at yourself, and let others laugh with you. Have a little fun while you’re waiting in lines, or sitting in traffic! Do something just a little bit unexpected during the day!
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