Celtic Dragon Labyrinth

My latest Celtic knotwork design is not an ‘actual’ labyrinth, of course, but being surrounded on all four sides by varying degrees of Celtic knotwork would make anyone FEEL like they were in a labyrinth. Except maybe the dragon here – I think he lives in the middle quite comfortably – probably magically transports himself in and out at will. How very dragon-esque!

This design is available in my Art of FoxVox Shop on all kinds of t-shirts and tile products and cards and such, and also as unframed prints from 5″ square up to 20″ square.
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2 Responses to Celtic Dragon Labyrinth

  1. jean / rotem gear says:

    Oh my.

    That’s pretty much all I can get out 🙂

    Oh my.

  2. Kristen says:

    *grin* That’s a lovely thing to attempt to say! 😀

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