Illustration Friday

I finally figured out how to participate in Illustration Friday! This week’s theme, which expires tomorrow when they put out a new one (nothing like cutting it close), was ‘feet’ – LOL. So I had a little fun with a little feet painting. Not painted WITH feet – that would be a whole different sort of composition.

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3 Responses to Illustration Friday

  1. Trevor Pitt says:

    I like it. I commend you on pulling off a watercolor. I haven’t tried that in ages. I always try to do too much with it and it ends up looking like a pile of…well, you get the idea. Nice execution, great color too!

  2. the heartful blogger says:

    Nice and colourful.

  3. Kristen says:

    Thanks, Trevor! I’ve been practicing with watercolor myself, so I’m starting to get a little more comfortable playing with it. I do have some ‘practices’ that never get online though – DOH!

    And thanks to you too, Tammy!

    I appreciate you both stopping by and leaving some nice words!

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