Sunny Sunny Sunflowers

This was one of those watercolors where, during the painting process, I was afraid that I would somehow ruin it while working on the next phases. I’d also been entertaining this stupid fantasy in my head that we’d have an earthquake and somehow the cup of water would spill all over it. Nice! The weird thing was, we DID have an earthquake – a quick jolt that was only a 2.6, and of course the cup didn’t move at all. Still, I decided that emptying it after every painting session was a good idea anyway – fresh, clean water and all.

So, anyway – sunflowers! Er – bright, eh? I’m thinking about getting this image on cards or a journal for myself, maybe even a t-shirt (*gasp*). And maybe eventually I’ll frame the original too. Oh, yes, and this painting is also available in three sizes of unframed prints.
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