Art Squared Watercolors

I’ve been practicing watercolor painting recently – am still trying to discover my ‘style’, but at least I’m making a lot of colorful messes in the meantime! *grin* All five of the pieces below are originally 4″x4″ (an ‘art squared collectible’ size) watercolor paintings on watercolor paper. Once I get my act together I will be selling the unframed originals (quite affordably) in my Etsy shop, hopefully soon. The one item I have in there is getting lonely!

In the meantime, I have all of them available in my Art of FoxVox Shop on framed tiles, mugs, magnets, cards, etc. and I also have archival prints of various sizes (depending on the piece, all square though) available in my DeviantArt Shop. (The watermark is obviously just for online use and doesn’t appear on the originals, prints, or products.)

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2 Responses to Art Squared Watercolors

  1. Barbara Burns says:

    I love your watercolors! They are so vibrant, alive and energetic! Great job!

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks, Barbara – that means a lot coming from an accomplished artist like yourself! 😀

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